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On all our folk dance cruises, our participants had the opportunity to dance on the ship with Yves and France and guest teachers. The dancing normally took place during the evening hours using one of the ship's available public areas (ballroom, lounge, exercise room, deck space, etc.).  On Celebrity Cruise ships, we were fortunate to use the Sky Conference Room which is large enough for our group sessions and has panoramic windows looking at sea!  We usually scheduled a daily 2-hour evening dance session after dinner (except on formal nights). When the ship was at sea, there were extra two-hour morning classes.  We had with us a portable sound system and laptop computer with a wide selection of international favorites. Yves, France & guest teachers taught and lead fun dances for all.  It was not unusual for passengers and crew members to come by and watch us dance. Most Celebrity cruise ships have staff members who come from various countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.  On several occasions, some staff members have joined us to dance!

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Yves and France share an extensive network of folklore contacts worldwide (Yves worked for many years for Folklore Canada International, CIOFF Canada, organizing International Folklore Festivals in Canada). Through both personal and official channels, they were able to organize occasional privileged contacts with folklore dancers, musicians and artists in some of the ports of call we visited.  A typical scenario was that upon arrival in the morning, a private bus will be waiting for us to take us to a venue where that we had the opportunity to meet a folklore group who offered us a short private performance, taught us a few simple dances or made us discover a specific aspect of the local folk traditions.  A typical meal was often included in a traditional restaurant with live music, etc.  These friendly get-togethers offered great opportunities for photo and video memories.  We tried also to obtain information on where to buy CDs, books, costumes, instruments, handicraft, etc.    Our exclusive folklore tours were not offered to other passengers and our prices were competitive and usually cheaper than the ship's regular tours and excursions.  Check our photo album for pictures taken during folk programs on previous cruises. 

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