Folk Dance Cruise with Yves and France Moreau


We are Yves and France Moreau, internationally-renowned folk dance teachers  living near Montréal, Québec. Canada.  We regularly travel around the world to present workshops and lectures.  Over the years, we have also organized various folklore tours and  especially folk dance cruises through the Balkans, the Caribbean, the Greek Islands/Turkey, the Baltic,  and the Mediterranean/Adriatic.  Our last three cruises were in June 2013 to Italy, Croatia and Malta on the Celebrity Silhouette with guest teacher Željko Jergan and in Jan-Feb. 2014 with an exotic 14-day Caribbean Cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse with guest teachers Cristian Florescu and Sonia Dion and a 12-day New Zealand and Australia Cruise in November 2014 on the Celebrity Solstice. In September 2015, we sailed in the Mediterranean discovering such places as Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and Marseille with guest teacher Roberto Bagnoli.

Mediterranean Cruise on the Celebrity Silhouette, September 2015

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Our cruises are designed to bring together recreational folk dancers, with family members and friends from North America and elsewhere who wish to combine the pleasure of taking a vacation cruise on a luxury ship and having a chance to combine it with their favorite leisure activity, international folk dancing!  

Pamper yourselves!  We've all experienced folk dance Camps with spartan accommodation in the woods or student dorms. Why not try one of our cruises for a change and experience luxurious surroundings, heavenly beds and pillows, gourmet food, pools, spas and much more. You board the ship, unpack your suitcases, hang your clothes and that's it.  Plus, you don't have to re-pack every day like on land tours! 

We limit our groups to 40 participants which allows us to get to know each other better.  We combine scheduled cruises with reputable and upscale lines (such as Princess Cruises, Holland America and Celebrity Cruises) with the opportunity to connect whenever possible, with local folk artists in the various ports of call.  Our extensive international network of contacts enables us to introduce you to dance groups, concerts, workshops and exclusive social gatherings. Plus, we also get a chance to folk dance on the ship while at sea ! We lead folk dance parties and workshops while the ship is sailing (mainly in the evenings).  On some of our recent cruises, we have also invited world-class folk dance teachers to join us, such as: Roberto Bagnoli (Italian & International); Cristian Florescu and Sonia Dion (Romanian); Ahmet Lüleci (Turkish) and Željko Jergan (Croatian).

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In 2016, Yves and France will be leading only ONE cruise,
a very special one you won’t want to miss.

14-night Transatlantic and Iberian Peninsula Cruise
April 15-29, 2016
with special guest teachers
Steve & Susan Kotansky
(East European Dances)

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